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She sits on the sidewalk on a warm gloomy day. She is lost in thought as her friend draws on her arm. She listens to the birds sing, and smells the stinky cows. The pressure of the pen gliding across her skin somehow relaxes her. She leans against the bricks, as she clears her mind.
The teacher calls the class back inside for lunch. She eats lunch with her friends. She goes back to class and talks to her friends. After class, she goes to the school library and plays her Nintendo DS. When the bell rings she leaves and gets on the bus.
Her friend Sam sits next to her and tries to flirt. She just stares out the window at the pouring rain. Sam doesn't notice. He jut keeps on talking about nothing. When the bus stops in front of her house, she silently gets of the bus. She trudges slowly to the door not wanting to go home. Her hand pauses on the door knob as she hears a loud crash. She thinks about how easy it would be to walk away from it all and never return but she thinks better of it and goes inside.
Her parents are in the kitchen fighting...again. She walks past and goes up the stairs as a plate crashes to the floor by her feet. She walks up the stairs trying to block out the obscenities her father is yelling at her mother.
"Lucianne," her father yelled, "Get your ass down here now!" She keeps walking and her father starts coming after her. She runs to her room and locks the door knowing if she doesn't, this will be her last day here. "Lucianne! Open this fucking door," her father yelled as he banged his fists on the door.
Lucianne lied on her bed and put her headphones on. She turned her music up loud enough to muffle her father's yelling. She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.
When she woke up, the house was silent. She looked at the clock and sighed. It was only midnight. She turned off her music and slowly opened her door peering down the hall. She crept to the bathroom and silently closed the door. She took off her clothes, stepped into the shower, and turned on the water.
When she was finished, she wrapped the towel around herself and silently walked to her room. She locked the door and threw the towel on the floor. She walked to her closet and put on a fresh pair of skinny jeans and a black t-shirt. She grabbed her camera and climbed out her window. She jumped from the top of the porch to her trampoline.
Lucianne walked two blocks down to the park. She took pictures of everything she saw. Lucianne loved the still life at night. She was about to take a picture of a wilted flower when she heard a twig snap. She heard someone walk up to her and stop a few feet from her. She froze fearful it might be her father.
"Lucianne," said the man. She could barely hear him over the thumping of her heart but she was certain it was her father. Her father had figured out Lucianne comes out here at night. "Get up," he growled. She didn't move. "Get up!" he kicked her over and she groaned. He picked up her camera and smashed it to bits. Lucianne didn't move. She just laid there with her eyes closed. He kicked her in the side. "So. You thought you could escape me you little bitch. Think again." He pulled out his pistol and shot her. He left her body there when the deed was done.
Lucianne's body just lay there until the next morning when her neighbor saw her and called the cops. They never figured out who murdered her. Her spirit still goes to that same park every night at midnight.


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Photography has so many stories to tell, but very few people actually listen. Photography is a great thing and I live for it.

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